Artist Statement February 2018

This work is a quest to document a certain type of feeling — quietness. This quest is undertaken through the use of photography, primarily black and white photography. By striving to document the feeling of quietness so too feeling of lost, belonging,  vulnerability,  and self-documentation play in the work. The grammatical definition of Quietness is a) the lack, or near lack of noise, or b) the lack of movement — stillness. The feeling that is being pursued in this work — that has been deemed quietness —  extends past the grammatical definition and treats quietness as more a metaphysical concept. This quietness is not just that of the physical, but the mental and transcendental. Portraiture is used in this work in a way as exemplifiers of quietness and to quietness of situations between people. Landscape is used on one hand a representation of my own experiences of quietness, and on the other hand, as a portrait of quietness in-of-itself. Black and white are used to show the homogeneous nature of this concept. Thereby, it is through the use of black and white photography, portraits, and landscapes that the metaphysical concept of quietness is explored.


The primary goal of my current work is to explore my own identity and the components that make it up. I lived in a fog for the past 3 years and suddenly I have found myself no longer in the fog. I am now having to find myself again and reckon with who I was in the fog. This work is me reaching out to others and to myself. In pursuing my primary goal the following sub-goals/questions have emerged: the difference between public vs. private, the nature vulnerability, societal expectations and how we connect with each other.